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Been Gaming Since 2001

Hello everyone! I don't believe I have ever taken the time to talk about myself or share my interests with you all. So here is where I will do just that! First of all, I am a 16 year old in the 11th grade. I am "Whitesican," btw! And despite popular belief, gamers that love anime and would rather spend all their time doing what they love aren't all fat and lazy. I'm here to tell you I am not at all fat, and only slightly lazy!


Games - I Love Video Games of nearly all kinds. There may be a few genres I still haven't played, but I have played the majority. Moreover, I own multiple game consoles from throughout time! My grandfather even has pong, which I cannot keep because its tech is outdated and cannot be played on our modern TVs.

Anime/Manga - I love anime, and manga. More specifically, I love Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball (and Z and GT), (the early) Pokemon series, Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood), and many more! (I read, and recently watched Attack on Titan. It was AWESOME.)

Television - I watch Primarily CartoonNetwork and Adult Swim, because everything else is just so darn boring. Now, I don't watch TV ALL the time, just up to 5 - 6 times a week, total. When CN is boring, I watch History and History 2, Discovery, National Geographic, and Science channels. 

The Outdoors - Just because I'm a gamer, and I like anime, doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good game of paintball, or flag football, or even shooting up my friends with airsoft BB guns down at the local creek! I love all that stuff too! 

Appearance(?!) - I like having a beard. :D

Playing Cards - I like to play Yu-Gi-Oh with my friends. Right now I need lots of moneys to buy myself the cards I need, so all I have is a Blue-Eyes deck, half of a Bujin deck, and nearly a quarter of a God Cards deck. Lol I need the money to build more decks!


My favorite subjects in school, and in general, are History, Writing, Science, and Math! I like learning in each and every subject, in school, and everywhere else! I am also not too bad of a writer/historian~

On top of this, I love learning about technology of all kinds. Future, past, and present! I have learned so much over the years, sometimes I can't remember a lot of it at once... haha! 

My ultimate goal is to (try) to be an astrophysicist, or a video game developer, or do something in IT! Still not sure what exactly I wanna do, but it will have to do with computers and technology! (Probably gonna go to Berkeley for Electric Engineering or something.) 

P.S.: I can solve Rubik's Cube!

P.S.S.: I have a certification in both Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. That means that I'm pretty much a professional at both programs ;)